Hand-peeled shrimp, Fresh asparagus, lemon and herb mayo: 125,00  

Hot smoked salmon
Salmon from own smoke-oven served cold with mayonaise, red onions and green asparagus

Carpaccio of Beef, Sesamoil, aïoli and freshly planed Seacheese: 125,00

”Shooting Star”
Steamed and fried plain Fillet, shrimps, asparagus and shelfish-sauce, Small:  145,00
As Maindish, Big 185,00
Pea soup, Whipped sour cream, asparagus, legumes and crispy croutons: 95,00  

All starters are served with freshly baked bread.    

Main courses:

Hot smoked salmon
Salmon from own smoke-oven served with small fine potatoes, lemon cream and green asparagus

Moules Frites

Mussels steamed gently with herbs, whitevine and cream - served with homemade aioli and crispy fries


Oven-baked cod with parsley crumble

Served on pearl barley gotto with fresh peas, asparagus and Jerusalem artichoke: 258,00  

Calf Wienerschnitzel
With roasted potatoes, peas, sauce, lemon, horseraddish, capris and hering

Beef Entrecôte
The tenderest beef served with butter-fried carrots,
Crispy fries and bearnaise sauce: 285,00  

Pearl barley gotto
Pearl barley stirred with cream, mascarpone and grated cheese, with asparagus,
Jerusalem artichoke and fresh peas. Served with freshly baked bread : 188,00  

Salade Nicoise
The classic Nicoise with tuna, potatoes, hard-boiled egg, onion, olives, crispy salad and
Sherry tomatoes, oil-vinegar dressing and freshly baked bread: 188,00  

Pommes, incl. 1 optional dip, DKK 45.00 

Seasonal menu - ask your waiter!

2 courses, DKK 385.00 • 3 courses, DKK 475.00 • 4 courses, DKK 555.00  

       Cheese & Dessert:    

3 delicious Danish cheeses
Toasted rye bread, biscuits, nuts and greens

Pear Belle Helene
Vanilla ice cream, pear, chocolate sauce and whipped cream: 95,00  

Banana split
Banana, ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream: 95,00  

Dessert tapas
3 Small delicious desserts and fresh fruit: 125,00

Sunday buffet
More than 20 delicious dishes - only 268.00 - children 1/2 price

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All Prices are in danish Crowns, DKR. 1 Kroner = app. 0,135 Euro